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ā€œThe ACLU was built for times such as these. We are so lucky to have such talented and committed professionals in this fight with us.ā€
Jane Henegar
Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana
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Get Hoosiers talking about abortion in a respectful, informed way.

Educate people who donā€™t have strong opinions about abortion and those who want to learn more about the issue
Combat myths and misinformation people in Indiana may believe about abortion with objectivity
Encourage people to have conversations, even when they disagree

First, we had to understand Hoosiersā€™ perceptions of abortion. Our research revealed thereā€™s a lot more gray area between the right and the left than most people living in Indiana probably thinkā€”and those middle-grounders were the people we needed to reach.

Thatā€™s why we created the ā€œLetā€™s Talk About Abortionā€ campaign. Using everything from billboards to lapel pins to a robust landing page, we spurred meaningful conversations about the topic while countering misinformation with cited facts. We even created a downloadable conversation guide to help equip people as they navigate these discussions.

Our campaign also included thought-provoking videos of real peopleā€”some of whom did not agree on certain issuesā€”having frank conversations.

Seeing these conversations in real time helped our audiences have their own talks with friends and familiesā€”discussions that weā€™re proud to say are continuing to this day.

Regardless of legislation, most Hoosiers still agree that everyone should be free to decide if and when to have children. Thanks to our campaign, more people are aware of facts like that and how to share them with others.
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