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Ensuring Equal Access to Justice

A Case Study

Our goal

Raise awareness about Indiana Legal Services to boost the number of low-income Hoosiers it serves—and the donors it needs.

About Indiana Legal Services

Indiana Legal Services, Inc., is the largest provider of free civil legal assistance to low-income Hoosiers. Attorneys in eight regional offices provide counsel and litigate cases involving domestic violence, housing, consumer law, access to health care, LGBTQ discrimination, and access to government benefits.

The Key Observations

When Indiana Legal Services hired a new executive director in the spring of 2015, the organization was faced with uncertain federal funding and a growing need for services. A communications analysis showed Indiana Legal Services had received little recognition for its work. And despite having a team of 50+ lawyers deployed in eight regional offices, it didn’t have the presence it needed to attract local donors or new clients outside of Indianapolis.

Strategic Approach

We quickly learned the organization had many heartwarming stories to tell, but only a small budget with which to share them. Rather than a full, multi-channel campaign, we proposed focusing on two key strategies: 1) provide attorneys and referral partners with key messages to educate others and 2) raise the nonprofit’s profile statewide through earned media.

What We Did:

Well Done worked with Indiana Legal Services to create stakeholder communications and a media relations strategy focused on personalizing their news. Specifically, we:


Once the campaign got rolling, it became clear that Indiana Legal Services’ new regional communication approach was really paying off.  Some highlights:

April 2016 – December 2017




Equivalent Ad Spend




Indiana outlets


Media Coverage

The Bottom Line

The media KPIs are only part of the story. Over the first three years of our partnership, Indiana Legal Services also has seen a 238 percent increase in contributions.

While we certainly improved our internal fundraising strategies, we credit the media relations efforts for bringing in more donations, especially from areas outside Indianapolis.”

 – Jon Laramore, Executive Director

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