In 2020, Lumina Foundation partnered with documentary photographer Rachel Bujalski to profile five college students in a series of photo essays. In 2021, we worked with the Lumina team on a new challenge: a campaign that put this photojournalism project in front of their target audience of policymakers and thought leaders.

To reach the right people, we created a three-pronged campaign including geofenced digital ads,  outdoor, and an in-person photography exhibition and event in Alexandria, Virginia. Our campaign challenged common assumptions and generalizations about college students, making their personal stories windows into the experience of thousands. We also led the audience to a landing page that housed a short documentary film, the five student photo essays, and more information about today’s college students. 

With so many components working together—digital and in person, art and design, and targeted awareness building—this was a great chance to turn storytelling into a true, integrated campaign. And audiences responded. The landing page has received more than 43,000 pageviews to date.