The White River flows for more than 162 miles through 42 Indiana counties, but until 2000, the river was largely neglected—and notorious for pollution. Fortunately, Hoosiers banded together to save this natural resource that now provides water to communities, powers towns, and offers space for recreation. 

In 2020, partners of the White River Vision Plan reached out to Well Done to help brand the effort to raise awareness and keep up the momentum of the conservation movement. That started with positioning and messaging: We created a clear statement about the importance of the White River in our communities. Then we moved on to visual branding, creating a look and feel that evokes the way the river functions and flows throughout the state. Our goal was to focus on the natural beauty of the elements within and around the river, which we did using subtle design cues and a deliberate color palette. We also created a new website and collateral to educate and connect people to the White River—and to emphasize how important its waters are to our great state.