Fresh Perspective: A Well Done Block Party

2 min read

If you hadn’t heard, we’ve moved! To celebrate the storied building we’re now calling home and the new perspective it’s lent us, we threw a block party. 

We treated our guests to a tour of the building, with points of interest new and old along the way. The building itself has a story all its own that shows just how much Indianapolis and the community around it have grown and evolved but in some ways is still just as connected as ever. 

The block party was an opportunity to get friends new and old together to talk about the things we’re working on, how we’ve grown, and how we’re showing up in the world. 

We asked our team and guests to weigh in on an ever-evolving marketing landscape: What marketing trends are top of mind right now, what might replace X as a gathering place online, whether they’re worried about AI replacing them, and what it means to work for a better world. 

Maybe it was the branded burgers, our pride in 330 North College, or just being together in May in Indianapolis, but we’re still feeling energized. Let’s keep this vibe going all summer.