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TRANSFORMING a regional hospital INTO A TRUE Health Network

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“Well Done knows who we are.
More importantly, they know who we want to be. They’ve given us a unique voice, and they never stop finding new ways for us to use it.”
Jenn Wells
Hancock Health, Director of Marketing and Business Development
Hancock Health photoshoot work
Hancock Health Photo shoot work
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Position Hancock Health as a true health network while attracting thousands of new patients—without ever sacrificing their independence or quality of care.

Figure out why more residents aren’t using the Hancock Health network
Determine which service offerings potential patients need most from Hancock Health
Get more people through Hancock’s doors while staying true to their brand—and promise of making health possible

To start, we surveyed more than 2,000 local residents to learn more about Hancock Health’s brand perceptions, where they were succeeding, and where they were falling short. Those findings helped us create patient personas and customer journey maps that compared the network’s current patient experiences with aspirational ones.

Once we understood both the current state of Hancock Health and the opportunities their patients wanted them to explore, we made recommendations about ways to improve the customer experience—and complemented them with marketing that matched those heightened expectations.

A crucial marketing opportunity we discovered in our patient research was the need to establish the Hancock brand as a comprehensive health network—not just a hospital.

To drive home this message, we created an engaging brand awareness campaign targeted at local and cusp audiences that promoted Hancock Health’s extensive health and wellness offerings.

The campaign was rooted in a key message that emphasized the not-just-a-number patient experience Hancock Health can offer as an independent network: “Built Around You.”

Our ongoing advertising and PR efforts are helping residents see their local healthcare provider in a whole new light—and we’re already seeing the impact.
Less Cost-per-click

Our physician bio videos—used to create a paid Facebook video series—are helping patients connect with Hancock Health doctors in a fun, engaging way. To date, they’ve driven 186% more traffic than the industry’s average benchmarks (and are doing so at a cost of 61% less per click than the industry standard).

More Users

Our digital, print, outdoor, radio, and television campaign created a 129% increase in traffic and has already driven 46.76% more users year over year to Hancock Health’s main website.

Traffic Generator

Our digital marketing campaigns overtook organic traffic as the main driver to the health network’s website while spending less on digital advertising than the previous period.

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