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Education for All: Addressing Racial Disparities in Marion County K-12 Schools

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“Communicating about something as complicated as racial and ethnic disparities in education is especially challenging. When we first considered this initiative, we knew we needed a partner who could convey complex information and drive people to action. From graphic design that easily laid out the report’s findings to a laser-focused media plan, Well Done met the challenge and more.”
Andrea Farmer
Chief Communications Officer, Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation
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Inform education and civic leaders—as well as other stakeholders—of widening achievement gaps in Marion County schools, encouraging them to champion recommendations from a commissioned research report.

Bring complicated research data to life by making it easy to understand
Cut through the noise to reach busy education and civic leaders
Encourage people to support the Foundation’s recommendations

To make data from Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation’s Education for All initiative understandable and compelling, we built a campaign strategy around a well-organized, visually appealing report and landing page experience. This included infographics and other visuals that brought attention to the most important elements of the report, including its 10 recommendations, along with a Spanish-language version to make the information more widely accessible.

The landing page provided multiple ways to see findings, including options for users to download the full report in English or Spanish, watch a video summary, or use an interactive dashboard to view and process data themselves.

The strength of this campaign was in how it brought complicated research data to life by making it simple to understand, compelling, and visually appealing.

To support the campaign, we created a targeted media plan and accompanying creative assets. The media plan included the use of industry trade publications to create awareness, digital tactics to reinforce messaging while driving landing page visits, and organic social media to reach Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation’s existing followers.

We later produced a demonstration video about the interactive dashboard to make school-level data more accessible to everyone—including parents who might be interested in how their child’s school is performing.

During the six-week campaign, the Education for All landing page quickly became the most viewed content on
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With 606k+ digital ad impressions and 1.5-2x better click-through rates than the industry average, the landing page was the most viewed content on during the campaign, accounting for 61% of overall views. And, while the campaign was live for only six weeks, it was the second-most-viewed page of the year.

Conversion Rate

While the landing page provided a synopsis of the research report, 10.9% of visitors took a converting action by downloading the full report or viewing the video—a 4.5x higher rate of conversion than average.

Laws Passed

The Education for All campaign was part of a chorus of voices advocating for the recommendations in the report. During the following legislative session, four of the proposed 10 recommendations were passed into law.

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