Scaling Up for the Industry: The Conexus Website Relaunch

4 min read

When a great client contact reengages with your agency on a completely different project, you tend to respond with, “When do we start?”

Because of our previous work with her to launch a new website for INvets, we were asked to bring back the same team to develop a refreshed, concise website for Conexus. They’re one of the nonprofit arms of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership focused on strengthening the advanced manufacturing and logistics industries and attracting talent.

It’s easy for a client to ask for a simplified website, it’s another to deliver one. We were asked to solve the challenge of building awareness—and clearly articulating who Conexus is—with an informative website that tells their story. Here’s how our digital strategy, copywriting, and web design teams brought that to life.

The Messaging

As Conexus’ reach and influence grew over the years, the team realized they needed a website to match the great work they were doing. Content on their original website was missing a clear path to why they do the work they do and what the calls to action were.

We started by identifying their primary audiences and what they needed to know. Based on Conexus Indiana’s objectives of attracting business to Indiana, growing current companies’ contributions, and raising awareness for job opportunities, we interviewed and worked with key audiences to write messages to prospective business owners, prospective employees, investors, location advising firms, industry partners, and members of their various leadership councils and roundtable groups. Speaking to all of these audiences required to-the-point, tailored messages.

To connect successfully to those groups and clearly convey initiatives, we condensed messages into a few buckets: advancing industry, cultivating talent, connecting leaders, and choosing Indiana for your business’ next location. This allowed us to funnel all of their wonderful resources, programs, and thought leadership into overarching themes.

By reorganizing content, users now have a better experience on the site and a stronger understanding of what Conexus does and why. For example, now when a CEO or venture capitalist is evaluating potential partners in Indiana, they can easily see how Conexus can help them.

The Design

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution in advanced manufacturing and logistics with a push toward adopting new technology and automation into production and assembly practices. Because Industry 4.0 is such a driving force for so many decisions being made within advanced manufacturing and logistics companies, it made sense for the website to feel modern and high-tech.

To achieve this design, lead developer (and talented web designer) Brian McCulloh chose high-contrast, bright colors within the Conexus brand — in addition to new secondary colors and fonts — paired with full-bleed, high-quality photography. Hand-picked images highlight companies across Indiana so prospective businesses and employers can see what the advanced manufacturing environment looks like and how it contributes to Indiana’s economy.

“My goal for this website design was to make it intentionally very minimal and clear cut to allow content to shine through and remove distractions so people could easily navigate to the information they’re looking for,” said McCulloh. “Alongside our creative team, it’s always a great joy to conceptualize the look and feel of a website then see my ideas come to life as I then build these sites for clients.”

The Results

The updated website was launched in early January 2022 at a time when demand for information about opportunities on advanced manufacturing and logistics was high—and continues to grow.

Google Analytics shows overall website users are up 9% from this time last year. Additionally, overall page views have increased 25% with an average session duration of 39.3% for the same timeframe. Not only were we able to help increase the number of unique visitors to the website, they’re staying on the website longer to learn about Conexus’ offerings.

And what does the client think? We’ll let Laura Miller, vice president, communications of Conexus share in her own words:

“We knew for quite some time that we needed to revamp our website. When the time came to make that happen, I knew exactly who I wanted to call – and I was hoping I could get the same team members I worked with several years ago on the INvets website. I was delighted when the team came together again for this project. I can now say that I have had two great website project experiences with Well Done. When we launched the site, we not only got lots of great comments, but the increased traffic and decreased bounce rate told me everything I needed to know. We made the right decision to trust Well Done with this huge project.”