Things We Think

Dispatches from Our Brains.
Peace, Joy, and Jamz cassette
Holiday Hits from Lil Jon, Jethro Tull, and Others: A Well Done Playlist for Seasonal Fun
Crowd of people showing Commanist support
Introducing: The Commanist Party
Illustration of a sandbox
The Cobbler’s Kid Should Have Really Great Kicks
Well Done team picture.
We’re Back
Two people wearing masks casually chatting
Did You Forget How to Talk to People? Let’s Chat.
Avant Garb Shares the Secrets to a Great Mascot
A collage of Indy Instagram moments
Come for the Basketball. Come Back for Everything Else.
Well Done Markters with Santa and Mrs. Clause
Partying with Purpose
Therapy dog sitting next to a book about dog therapy
Giving Back: Paws & Think
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