Takeaways From MozCon 2024

2 min read

“How do we acknowledge that AI is disrupting our field without perpetuating the hysteria in the media right now?”

This seemed to be the unspoken question informing all of the talks at this year’s MozCon, a long-running conference focused on SEO. Well Done’s digital strategy team had the fortune of attending and spent two days listening to industry experts share their perspectives on the future of digital marketing.

Here are a few takeaways offered that helped to answer that question:


Britney Muller, founder of Data Sci 101, broke down how ChatGPT and similar models merely regurgitate the seed data they’re fed — which doesn’t always result in accurate responses. Dana DiTomaso of Kick Point Playbook also noted that the original data sources for these large language models (LLMs) are heavily biased and not representative of the general population. Multiple speakers pointed out that optimizing content for Google continues to be a moving target. 

As tech giants like Google and Microsoft continue their own Cold War-esque race to have the best LLMs, marketers must remain skeptical of emerging technologies and corporate policies. Or, as Rand Fishkin put it frankly, don’t accept the word of billionaires. 


“Holistic marketing is the way forward,” was one of the recurring themes throughout MozCon 2024, named directly by Bethan Vincent. Users are wary of their data privacy — understandably so — but the crack down on tracking methods like third-party cookies means that marketers can’t rely on the same ad platforms and reporting techniques as we used to. Moving forward, marketing strategies need to incorporate multiple touchpoints with the target audience and get creative about how we show ROI. 


It’s okay (encouraged, even!) to use AI to make certain job functions more efficient. Take advantage of the efficiencies by putting that freed-up energy toward human compassion. An example of this discussed by Seer Interactive’s Wil Reynolds is building online communities through user-generated content. The average brand relies on just three channels for marketing; that should be the minimum if you want to truly connect with your audience. 

While the market might feel like navigating quicksand right now, it’s more important than ever to make strategic decisions to get the right eyes on your brand. Thanks to Moz for hosting and to the great speakers for sharing their insights.