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Evolving for the future while honoring what got us here

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The Well Done team was able to take an objective look at what contributed to our past success and how we’re evolving to better serve our clients.

“The result is a curiously empathetic and visually interesting brand that captures our people-first approach to marketing.”
Lisa Vielee
President, Well Done Marketing
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Update our messaging and brand identity to demonstrate how Well Done Marketing has evolved as a full-service, integrated agency dedicated to helping clients get sustainable results and committed to creating an equitable and compassionate world.

Effectively communicate our evolution into an integrated marketing agency and infuse confidence in our breadth of services and growth opportunities
Create a brand that resonates with our local and regional partners but can also scale to connect with and serve national organizations
Infuse the best of our Midwest roots into a brand that reflects our values and is approachable for multiple generations of decision makers as well as prospective employees

We decided early on that the key to completing this project was to treat the agency just as we would any other client. Our president and owner became our “client.” We assigned a client services team, got sign-off on a project timeline, set our milestones, and assigned hours and deliverables. After a client kickoff meeting, we dove into strategic planning.

While the agency conducts competitor research on a biannual basis, with this project we expanded our analysis to include agencies in key markets outside of Indiana. Combined with client and stakeholder interviews and surveys, digital and web audits, and a very candid analysis of how our services had evolved since we were founded nearly 20 years ago, this research provided the foundation for our brand position, promise, and primary messages for our key audiences.

Once we completed positioning and messaging, the team moved into conceptualizing the brand. This phase included mood boards, design sprints—and a rolling billboard which collected themes and ideas from work session to work session.

By utilizing a cross-generational team, we were able to address the need for the brand identity to remain relevant over time. To stay true to our commitment to inclusion, our UX designer and an art director who specializes in color study analyzed the brand elements for accessibility both online and off.

We launched the rebrand on June 1 with the foundational elements—logo and secondary marks, typography, website, sizzle reel, collateral system, and new case studies. We will take the results from our initial campaign to tweak and add tactics through the coming year. And, if our rolling billboard is any indication, there are some really cool ideas yet to come.

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